An American Missionary in Greece / 12 mins

Producer / DOP

Help comes in all shapes and sizes and in this particular case it's Andrew, an American missionary from Alabama that came to help refugees and proselytise. In addition to the refugee crisis he found a drug epidemic on the streets of Athens where his particular brand of assistance worked well. 

We followed this rather cryptic and enthusiastic character as he attempted to help people get back on their feet. 

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"I just ask for the peace of God to come over him, in Jesus Name. Heart I command you to flow smoothly, all blood vessels flow straight, all blood vessels be opened up, in Jesus name." Andrew said while invoking the power of Christ to heal a man's body he had just met on the street. 

Many people that Andrew crosses are responsive to his prayers but others are less agreeable. One man in the documentary says to Andrew "Keep your God in your country... you remind me of these missionaries that raped all these savages and took all the gold, and then they made a dictatorship."

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