One Breath / 23 mins

Director / Producer / Shooter

Nearly 30 years ago moviegoers were introduced to the world of Freediving through the film “The Big Blue.” Giannis Kouthelis wasn’t born yet but has seen the film more than 15 times and as an accomplished apnea pool athlete with the 5th highest record in the world (285 meters on a single breath, 295 personal best / 300 is the world record) Giannis has his sites set on beating world records in Freediving. In this documentary we see Kouthelis train alongside Giannis Giagilis, in the run up to his first event, taking place in Amorgos where the Big Blue was filmed. The current world record is a depth of 144 meters (with fins and weights), the current greek record holder has reached 102 meters in the same category. Kouthelis thinks he can surpass the Greek record for the no fins no weights category at 65 meters.

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Divers push their bodies to the limit as they attempt to break records. Oxygen deficiency causes this diver to loose consciousness a few meters from reaching the surface.

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