The Isle Of Men: The World's Deadliest Motorcycle Race

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Once a year, for six days, the population of a small island in the Irish Sea doubles as motorcycle enthusiasts from around the globe flock to the racing mecca.

The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy is perhaps the most dangerous race on earth, with 242 deaths in its 107 years of existence. The TT, as it is commonly known, is the oldest race in motorcycle history, uniting high-octane adrenaline junkies with fun loving drunken bikers.

This story follows Conor Cummins, a seasoned rider that describes the event as “the best race on the planet”—

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"I suppose that you could say that there's a little bit of fear... to me, I would say it's a good thing." 

Conor Cummins

Motorcycle enthusiasts travel to the Isle of Man from around the world to witness Athletes racing at break neck speeds on country roads. 

In 2010 Cummins lost control of his bike at 150 mph, flying off the road and suffering a broken back, dislocated knee and a broken arm. "That was that and this is now, it's all behind me." Cummins said.

A rider rehearses the course in his mind hours before the final race. 

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