To Another Life / Official Selection of the Thessaloniki Film Festival / 45 Mins

Director / Shooter / Producer

To Another Life is the story of Zeinah, a gay Syrian woman who fled her country alone with hopes of building a better future in Europe, far from the threat of war. I met her hours after she landed on the chaotic coastline of Lesvos where nearly 400,000 other refugees entered Europe in 2015.

 A unique tale that travels from Syria to Greece and on to Europe where Zeinah reaches the steps of the German parliament.

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A volunteer looks out to sea through his binoculars and scans for refugees crossing into Greece by Death Boat from Turkey.

Zeinah embarking on a journey across Europe by bus and on foot to Germany on her own.

(Left Image) A man is thrown from a building, executed by ISIS for being gay. 

After she made it to Europe, she continued to be discriminated against by her fellow refugees for being gay. Her past as an LGBTQ activist taught her to fight back, her voice was heard and she was invited to speak in the local German Parliament. 

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