The Greek Pagan Penis Festival / 17 mins


Greece's most hilarious festival takes place once a year on the first Monday of Lent in the town of Tirnavos. We filmed a documentary about it, which includes people chasing and hitting each other in the streets with fake penises.

Ask to comment on the Greek Orthodox Church's reaction to the event, Vasilis Tsolas one of the organizers said "When the money started flowing the priests stopped whining."

Drinking and partying is a big part of the 3 day event, all of the tavernas in this small town were filled with people eating and sipping tsipuro.

Mr Andreas is the son of the first producer of clay and wooden penises in the area. In the image on the right he holds the original model his father molded from his own penis, "This reminds me of my father" he said.

Thousands of people take over the streets of Tirnavos as they parade floats through the central square. 

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