The Mandra Flood / 4 mins


Mahmud Ashfaq, a Pakistani man living in Greece was attacked by a group of racists near his farm in an area outside of Athens called Aspropigos. They punched him in the face with brass knuckles and stabbed him, leaving him for dead.

Three months after his attack, devastating floods hit the nearby city of Mandra. 23 people were killed and millions in damage to infrastructure was left in the wake of the storm. We spent the day with Ashfaq and a group called Pakistan Greece that travelled to Mandra to help local residents get back on their feet.

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They told me "Fuck you Pakistani. We will burn you alive." 

Mahmud Ashfaq

Members of Pakistan Greece help carry out buckets of mud from a home in Mandra.

Host Melpomeni Maragkidou standing in a home affected by the flood.

A local resident shows us how high the flood levels reached.

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